Who is Wings for Children & Families, Inc?


Is there a youth in your family who has some unmet needs? Are you concerned about finding and getting the right services and support to help your child be successful?  Wings provides targeted case management services using the Wraparound Process, which is a planning process that is respectful of your family and makes sure that the best plan is put in place to assure success.

What is Case Management?


Targeted case management is a service funded through MaineCare for youth with a diagnosis in the Behavioral Health, Developmental, Intellectual, Substance Abuse, or Complex Medical needs areas. Your case manager will meet with you in your home to do a Comprehensive Assessment and develop an Indivdual Support Plan for your youth that fits the personality and culture of your family.
Your case manager will assist you with identifying strenghts and needs, finding services and supports, making referrals, facilitating and attending team meetings, building natural and community supports, assisting with special education needs, monitoring care to assure the plan is working, and that the team is all on the same page. You don't have to do it all on your own!


Call 1-800-823-2988 to find out about how your youth can benefit from having a Wings case manager. We are able to assign a case manager and schedule an opening meeting usually the day you call.


NEWS: Wings has been awarded the grant for being a Sanctuary Model agency in our area. This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich our expertise as an agency informed about trauma and how it impacts all people. Stay tuned for more information about this!


On this Home page, there is a white button off to the right called, “instant referrals.” This is designed for parents and guardians to make a referral quickly. If you click this button it will provide you with a secure pop up window to enter the name and contact information of the person making a referral for TCM. This information will be forwarded directly to our intake coordinator who will call you at the number you provide. Wings’ continues to pride itself on the fact that we do not have a waitlist and are committed to contacting a family for an opening appointment with eligible children within 1-3 days, if not the same day, they are found eligible. (Eligibility is a valid diagnosis, MaineCare, referral from a youth if 18 or older, or their guardian if under 18)


Our Privacy Practices were updated on September 23, 2013. By clicking on this link, you will be able to view and download our Privacy Practices



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Thanks again for stopping by our website! If you have ANY questions please call 1-800-823-2988!

Trish Niedorowski
Executive Director